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Benefits of Gymnastics for:




Age 1-4

Gymnastics-based early childhood movement education that help to:


 ᴥ  improve motor & coordination skills

 ᴥ  build confidence through achievements

 ᴥ  overcome fears in challenges

 ᴥ  deal with separation anxiety before going to school


Age 5 & above

Artistic Gymnastics helps to:


ᴥ   Improve balance and body posture

ᴥ   Increase body flexibility, agility, balance, coordination & strength

ᴥ   Discipline & self control

ᴥ   Trust in own abilities, self confidence

ᴥ   Persistence & Resilience

ᴥ  The value of effort

  FAQ about Recreational Gymnastics

Why wasting time doing gymnastics if my child is not going for competition?


Gymnastics is the basis of all sports. You can let your child takes gymnastics as a cross training to help in developing more body strength, agility and coordination no matter which sports he/she is doing. Studies have shown that through practising gymnastics, children increase their bone density and gain flexibility too. Besides, children get to increase in their kinesthetic awareness and taking coach's feedback are part of the gymnastics lessons that help preventing injury.



Isn't my 10 years-old too old to start gymnastics?


It is never too late to start anything that you are interested in. Especially in recreational gymnastics, your child gets to learn gymastics at his/her own pace without the pressure  from competition. Gymnastics are taught with progression, children will only be able to move on to the harder level once they are ready with the basic. In fact, gymnastics helps young teens especially at this age (7-12) to accept failure, understand it is just part of the learning process and a checkpoint against their own effort.  



How much my child can learn from a once a week class?


Children are not just learning how to execute a particular gymnastics skill in class! Besides those physical benefits that mentioned before, gymnastics also offers character building opportunities and the chance to meet new friends. By the way, please don't miss out the fact that physical activity actually helps improve children's academic performance too. Most importantly, it's fun! Of course, you are welcome to enroll for a second class of the week! 



Gymnastics stunt a child's growth?

Undeniable that most of the elite gymnasts are relatively short. It isn't gymnastics that crafted their body size, it is because being shorter and lighter give them more advantage on executing high-level gymnastics skills and therefore succeed at a higher rate than taller gymnasts. We should also know that, gymnasts that are doing Trampolining are relatively taller than other children. Reference available, please click.

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