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GymTots (Ages 1 -3 ½)

Having the presence of parents for this age group is very important. Both parent and tots explore the obstacles together, dance & exercise together during our circle time.Introduction of basic gymnastics skills focusing on motor skills, perceptual development and cognitive skills is the highlight of this program. Come jump, roll and swing together with your child here!



KinderGym  (Ages 3- 6) 

One hour of drop-off class where pre-schoolers learn basic gymnastics skills with fun challenging weekly-themed obstacle courses. Children learn educational gymnastics, structure and discipline, while developing both gross and fine motor skills, self confidence and social interaction in a lively and positive atmosphere.



Recreational (Age 5 ½ and above)

One hour of drop-off class that teaches children basic to advanced gymnastics skills with fun weekly challenges. Children get to learn skills like cartwheels, handstands, trampolining which focus on aerial and kinesthetic awareness at their own pace. They also learn to be persistence, resilience and understand the value of effort too.



Advanced Recreational  
Pre-Intermediate           (upon selection only)

A higher level of skills is required for this challenging program. Gymnasts will learn more advanced techniques and skills at their own pace through obstacle courses modified for each individual’s need and ability. Skills taught are based on Australian system Men/Women Artistic Gymnastics Level 1 to Level 3.

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